Research & Development

Research & Development

SHUMAR is committed to improving on existing technologies and developing new products with a motivated team of professionally qualified & trained personnel. These are the greatest assets of the company that render excellent services to the industry.

In our view, innovation does not always have to be about new products, but also the improvement of existing technologies, thus SHUMAR proudly invests a lot of time and effort in Research and Development.

SHUMAR is a great example of a company whose success is based on innovation: Over the years, it has built up an unassailable leadership position in the Coal Crushing industry with massive ongoing R&D investment and the resultant ability to constantly create new and better products.

SHUMAR understands the importance of R&D to its ongoing success; it serves to develop new knowledge and technology. Hence SHUMAR does not approach R&D as a department in isolation, but as a capability that feeds into its knowledge base, and in turn leads to new products.

R&D is continuously being conducted on all existing crusher designs, even more so on the wear parts, (our segments tooth profiles & material Composition), to improve the life and give customers guaranteed product sizing. SHUMAR is also currently working on the following projects to expand on
its existing products and services:

  • Reclaim Feeder
  • Shredder
  • Modular Plants
  • Low Profile Feeder


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