Feeder Breaker

Feeder Breaker

The Shumar Feeder Breaker is a robust machine designed for heavy-duty
coal mine operations. Our Feeder Breakers are designed to be fed from all
three sides and can be scraped onto the feeder, dumpers are not needed, without
the investment in high concrete walls. (No flame proof certification needed)

We build our feeders according to the specific mine’s requirements in terms of
through flow, product size, ancillary machinery and mining conditions. Low maintenance
is required and it is cost efficient. Rotary pick breakers reduces mined material to a
consistent, easily handles size. The mined material is discharged at a steady rate,
eliminating spillage and reducing belt wear.
Feeder Breaker -

Shumar Feeder Breaker Advantages

• Long service life (require minimum maintenance)
• Level compact surface only
• Do not need high wall
• Flat on ground
• 700 Ton an hour
• Large reduction ratio
• Separate motors (if one chain breaks, the other chain can still work)
• Dual drive system
• Adjustable drum height for optimal product sizing


• It has a sizing ramp, that picks up smaller materials
• Hopper side boards
• Direct drive breaker shaft and head shaft

Optional Features

• Electric Panel
• Electric Panel, Mechanical Drives withoutVSD
• Mechanical Drives & VSD on both chain drives
• Mechanical Drives & VSD on Breaker Drive
• Mechanical Drives & VSD on all drives

Product Brochure

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