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Shumar Engineering founded in 1957, is a leading manufacturer of coal crushing equipment in South Africa. With a large customer base Shumar Engineering has been supporting the Sub-Saharan market since its inception. Ever since our first export order in 1996, our customer base has expanded to include Australia, China and Indonesia. Having designed and patented our first Double Roll Crusher for the coal market in 1964, our policy of continuous improvement allows us to remain a market leader while adapting to ever changing market needs. Using the latest design software and manufacturing processes available. Shumar has in recent times embarked on the development of crushing solutions for both soft minerals and shredders for the recycling industry.

Our unique Double Roll crushing principle and segment design has resulted in improved plant efficiencies as well as increased profitability for our clients by reducing the amount of fines generated through the crushing process. Shumar Engineering’s revolutionary Odeca scalping screens were first developed and marketed in 1986.

Shumar Engineering (Pty) Ltd acknowledges the importance of ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all applicants for employment and existing Company employees, by removing discriminatory barriers and introducing positive affirmative action policies and practises. The Company is committed to promoting employment equity and affirmative action. The employment equity policy will be implemented in accordance with the Employment Equity Act.

For correct selection and sizing of our equipment, please contact Shumar Engineering who will gladly assist you.


The company was established in 1957 by Helmut Otto Wilhelm Schütte & Otto Martin. Our company has been involved in coal processing for more than 65 years. During this period we have recognised the importance of correct coal crushing as a vital part of coal processing. Incorrect coal crushing can influence the efficiency of the whole processing plant and the profitability of the mine. 

By not being able to produce the required coal sizes that the market demanded at that time, trying to market such a limited range of products, or the wrong proportion of products, can be very difficult. Time and again we have come across mines where their crushing facilities are limited, resulting in a large proportion of their saleable coal being stockpiled indefinitely. This sometimes led to a financial crisis and some mines have been forced to close down in the past. 

In 1996 we began exporting our crushers worldwide with a significant portion of our production capacity is reserved for exporting. We currently supply Australia, China, Indonesia, Iran, Mauritius, Mozambique, Russia & Zimbabwe with crushers and spares. 

Wolfgang Helmut Schütte, Helmut’s son who is also a qualified mechanical engineer, joined the business in 1986 and ultimately took over as Managing Director of Shumar Engineering.

Our company then only manufactured Double Roll Crushers as we have found that this type of crusher gives the best results for correct sizing while having the lowest power consumption and fines generation. While specializing in coal crushing, we are able to design and manufacture crushers to crush other brittle materials of soft and medium crushing strength.

In 2014 Wolfgang retired and Shumar Engineering was acquired by Malvern Engineering & Minco Tech Australia. Today we are doing research and development into new fields of interest, so be sure to visit again soon to see the new Wobbler feeder, as well as other products and services.

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